People I would like to thank.

My research would not have been possible without the help of several people who supported me for many years.


  • Christophe Pouet

    I would like to thank my thesis supervisor for all his support. Thank you for all your advice and our working weeks in Marseille.


  • Sylvain Rousseau

    I would like to thank the director of AOPS for giving me the opportunity to carry out this CIFRE thesis in his company.

  • Ivan Lilla

    Thanks a lot to Ivan Lilla for helping me with this project !

  • Jean Paul and François-Xavier

    I would like to thank Jean-Paul and François-Xavier for all their good advice and everything they taught me about social protection.

  • All my interns

    Thanks to all my interns over the years for their help and good vibes !

Family and Friends

  • Family

    Thanks to my family for all their support over the years. In particular, thanks to my dad for always believing in me.

  • Friends

    Thanks to all my friends for their support, and in particular to Quentin for helping me optimize the codes for my research work.

  • Amaury

    Thank you for always being there to support me, both in my daily life and in difficult times.