Introducing my thesis project

I've had the opportunity to talk about my research topics at various events. In addition, the company I work for organizes an annual seminar on social protection.


Research Day at Centrale Marseille

Journée de la recherche de Centrale Marseille, November 2022

The opportunity for me to talk about my research topics in front of engineering students, and the chance to inspire them to pursue research after graduation.

Poster Presentation

Le Congrès des Jeunes Chercheurs en Mathématiques et Applications 2023

An opportunity for me to present my work to young researchers in applied mathematics.


Actualité de la Protection Sociale & Formation Prévoyance-Santé

Maison de la Chimie, September 2023

Exclusive seminar on the latest developments in social protection and health insurance training. This unique event brings together renowned experts, industry professionals and social protection players to explore the latest trends, current challenges and emerging opportunities in this constantly evolving field.